Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The importance of weekly networking meetings.

Welcome to the latest post from BNI Endeavour, we're passing referrals thick and fast and we've had a constant stream of visitors to what is probably the best business networking group in Hertfordshire. We're now up to 25 members on our journey to 40.

We'd like to welcome our newest member Bev Moseley from Nockolds solicitors, we look forward to working with Bev to help her grow the business. Bev deals in the employment law sector so if you need her help give her a call, Click here for the employment law page of the Nockolds solicitors website  

The importance of weekly meetings.
At BNI we meet on a weekly basis, while this may not be for everyone in my experience it works, I've been to many different networking events that meet bi weekly or even monthly, I've found that networking on a weekly basis helps to grow relationships much much faster and because of that more referrals get passed. It's also important to be at meetings as often as possible so we can learn about the other members through their 60 seconds and for the person who's turn it is to do the ten minute segment so they can inform us more about the ins and outs about their business.

We're looking for quality businesses to join our group so we can help each other, if your profession isn't represented on the right hand side, then it is vacant and we'd love to see you at a meeting soon, so do get in touch.

To your success