Friday, 1 March 2013

My BNI Journey - Mark Stewart - Beanebytes Web Design

My name is Mark Stewart and I am the owner of
I was first introduced to BNI in February 2012. At the time I had been running my business for only a short while and was frustrated with the levels of return on my marketing and sales expenditure.

As such it was with a certain amount of trepidation I attended my first meeting for a new BNI chapter in Ware, Hertfordshire.
The idea of networking had never really appealed to me as I expected it to be full of stuffy types in suits with lots to say about themselves.

A year down the line and I'm now a fully fledged, active member of the BNI Endeavour Hertford & Ware Networking group and enjoying every minute of my BNI experience.
Being a member of BNI has brought huge dividends not only to my business in terms of growth and revenue but also in my personal development.

At the start of my BNI journey the idea of public speaking horrified me.
My confidence in public speaking and selling myself to potential clients has grown beyond my expectations and this is largely due to my involvement with BNI.

I feel really grateful to be part of a vibrant group of local business owners from all trades and walks in life.

For any new business owner I could not recommend BNI more highly. 


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