Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The stats are coming in......and they are great.

Well we had another great meeting last week, I wanted to leave the blog post until today as 11 of the chapter members went on a presentation skills workshop yesterday evening and I wanted to cover that too, plus I've been pretty busy.

We had the stats in of how many referrals have been passed and how that's turned into revenue for the members.

A Referral Slip
Since the Endeavour chapter was set up at the end of Feburary, we have passed an amazing 163 referrals – that’s approximately 32 referrals per month! £52631.95 worth of business has been passed!  That’s approximately an average of £10000 per month since the start! Now the thing to remember here is that from the first meeting we had four members and grew that up until now with most of the membership joining within the last couple of months, and at launch we were on 22 members. 
Personally I think that is an amazing amount of business passed, and of course there are business referrals passed in that time, that are still in progress.

Thank you for the business box
In case you don't know, we monitor the business in the chapter, business is passed on a referral slip and once a member has invoiced for business he thanks the member by adding a card in to the 'thank you for the business' box. That's how we can show the figures above and show that our networking group works. 

This week alone, we have had an incredible 24 referrals given and an additional £474 worth of business in the Thank you for The Business card box.

A particular well done to Matt Aubery from Aubery Homes for 7 referrals and brand new member Wendy Stevenson from PS Cleaning for 5 referrals!!

We had a great 10 minutes from Nigel Adams from Big Black Hen telling us about his business and what makes him different to other estate agents. I'd say his business is very different and would not hesitate to recommend him, as they have fixed pricing and no contract term, why wouldn't you go with BBH to sell your home. Also Nigel has a background in advertising and marketing so he really knows his stuff, On top of that since most people look online for houses these days he has no high street office, so his overheads are lower which is great for his clients!

We also had 2 Testimonials one from Nigel Adams to Andy Richards from PC Resolve and a Very emotional one from Michael Rudd from Berkshire financial services to Isabel Hospice.

Finally onto the presentation skills we attended last night, As I mentioned in the last post, part of BNI includes training and we spent 3 hours last night learning how to present our business so that we get remembered and make it easier for our colleagues to find referrals for us. I certainly picked up a few tips for my 10 minutes which happens to be this Thursday. Some great tips were things such as the structure of a 10 minutes of letting the members know how I add value, being specific about who I'd like as a referral, what to listen out for and what to say to get a referral. It was certainly time well spent.

If you'd like to join our growing group and get new business and lock out your competitors then get in touch for an invite to a meeting, we'd love to meet you.

To your success