Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How responsible are you for others success?

Here's a question for you, If you're in a team or group of people working to achieve something together and in particular a networking group, how responsible are you for each member of that groups success and how much effort should you put in to helping them succeed?

Now I'm sure the responses vary from not at all responsible to depends on how many people are in the group, so if there were 20 people in the group it would be 5% responsible.......What was your answer?

Well I'm here to put to you that we are each 100% responsible for ensuring that each member is successful and we should put 100% effort in to helping them achieve their goals within the team!

So why do I believe this, well if everyone in a team succeeds the team as a whole succeeds if we concentrate on what others want or put another way help enough people get what they want we by default get what we want.

In BNI we have visitor hosts, members assigned to look after visitors that come to have a look at a BNI meeting, it's their job to guide them around and make them feel welcome to the meeting, however it is recognised in BNI that it is every members responsibility to be a Visitor host, In the same vein we have Mentors assigned to new members to help guide them through their early days of membership, however I think a chapter would be even more successful when each member also takes on the roll of mentor and ensures that each other member is succeeding in BNI.

If a member is succeeding in their BNI chapter they are more positive and upbeat and we all know how like attracts like, which means more people coming to the group therefore it grows which means we all get more business.

Agree/ Disagree, what are you thoughts?

To your success

PS I know sometimes you can lead a horse to water......but that's just people!