Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to get silent business referrals..

Google+ is the new (I say new, but it's been around for a while now) social media platform from Google.
It has been mistakenly dismissed by many business owners and that will be there own loss if they continue to do so. 
In this post I'll explain why you should take advantage of Google+ and its +1 button (Googles 'Like') and show you how it will be a great extension of your business networking in Ware and Hertford.

Which is the biggest search engine on the internet?

I've been plugging Google+ pretty much from the very beginning. Google has tried a social media platform before and it failed, but Google+ is going to succeed, they won't let it fail. 
Google is the biggest search engine on the internet and they make a fortune from the adverts (known as Adwords Pay Per Click) that are placed when someone searches for something. However the key thing you should be interested in for marketing your business are the organic & local display which are below the beige box at the top of a search display.

So how does Google+ help my business & business networking?

Obviously Google will favour it's own social media network over any other, it may not be fair but that's the way it is and I'd do the same thing. Google is bringing it's services together, you now only have one login username for all services and you can operate the Google services that you use from the top bar. 
Google whether you realise it or not has already brought Google+ and search together 
If you've got a Google account are on Google+ and performed a search, lets say for an electrician, If you are following a friend or acquaintance in one of your circles (Google's version of friends or connections) and that person has has given a local electrician that they know a +1 on their website or G+ page, something great happens. 

Google takes that as a recommendation and will show you that electricians website or G+ page in the search results and it will let you know by the side of the listing too. Can you see how powerful G+ can be for your business?
Google also now has a linking feature so with a bit of code you can link your website and page together to help get you seen in searches.

An extension of a BNI Chapter for more business networking 24 hours a day

Now that we know how big Google+ can be for our businesses, imagine you are in a BNI chapter with 40+ members and all of those members have been onto your website and page, they've circled you so they receive your updates and they've given you a +1 too, when people who are following them now search for your service or product guess who they're going to see in the search?

So let's do the maths imagine you have 40 members in your BNI chapter promoting your service, and each of those has just 100 people following them - that's potentially 4000 people looking at your product or service. 
Now imagine they have 500 and trust me as G+ grows this will be the norm and a low figure at that, I've been on G+ since the beginning and now have 548 people who have circled me, so 40 x 500 would be 20,000 people potentially looking at your product or service.

+1 button for business networking
If we said just 1% of those people turned in to customers or clients that would be 200 new customers or clients for your business.
Would that be okay?

But it doesn't stop there, if you have lots of +1s and your members are leaving reviews/ testimonials for you on Google Local then that opens you up to everyone else who is on the internet that needs your product or service. How does that work for getting silent referrals 24/7.

If you're not a BNI member and would like to come along to a business networking meeting in Hertford/ Ware to see how we can work together to help each others business then give me a call on 07940 846 413

To your success
Paul Jennings

PS catch up with me on Google+ - you can also visit My Page

PSS make sure you're on Google Local too, here's the link, it's free and takes about 10 minutes to set up.

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