Thursday, 23 August 2012

1st official networking meeting for BNI Endeavour

After months of working to grow our BNI chapter and a very successful launch meeting last week, we finally had our first meeting this morning, we had 28 Hertford and Ware business owners in the room and as ever, it was full of energy. 

We had 5 visitors and a new member Simon Judd (Pictured left) from SJ creative - Simon is a graphic designer based in Hertford.  

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be looking for referrals for Simon to help him grow his business, if you need some graphic design work doing then get in contact with Simon through his website and why not follow him on twitter @sjcreative 

We also had our first 10 minute speaker Michael Rudd the groups IFA, from Berkshire Financial Advisers, Every week one of our members gets 10 minutes to present to the chapter to help them more understand their business and how to find them referrals. A member cannot present to the chapter until they have attended the Presentation Skills training workshop (another benefit of BNI). 
It must have been tough to be the  first speaker but Michael has set the bar rather high, he explained how he takes a holistic approach to financial advice to help his clients reach their financial goals through investment or helping people to get peace of mind for retirement. If you need financial advice then get in contact with Michael

We don't just get up at silly o'clock for meetings we also socialise with each other to build relationships and we're off to the Millstream tonight to celebrate our success in growing our group and passing business.

If you'd like to grow your business by word of mouth referrals and join our group get in contact with us for an invite to a meeting.

To your success