Thursday, 16 August 2012

5...4....3....2....Endeavour is go

BNI Endeavour has firmly set itself as the business networking group to be in, if you want to grow your business in the Hertford and Ware area.

If you don't then probably best to stay in bed! 

We met this morning at 0630 for the official launch of BNI Endeavour and  it's confirmed that Endeavour IS the fastest growing/ Launching Business Network International chapter in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, so why wouldn't people want to come and join in, that's just what some smart business owners did today at our launch and we had over 50 Hertford and Ware business owners come together to meet and find out more about us and how we can help each other.

Todays event happened because of the current members focusing on growing the group over the last few weeks by inviting other businesses to come to our launch and find out how we help each other grow our businesses by word of mouth referrals.

Would you want a team of professional focused business owners helping you to grow your business and at the end of the day make more money? I certainly do and that's why I made the commitment to show up to a 0630 meeting every Thursday to help them in return, it's a win win way to get business.

If you think that you couldn't get to a business meeting for 0630 or make a commitment to show up every week then I have 2 sayings for you

Successful people do, what unsuccessful people won't do. and..

Opportunity is never lost, someone else will always take it.

None of what happened this morning would of happened without 2 great guys who helped us to keep on track and get to this point, and the Endeavour members thank them, Dayle Guy from CodeThirtyNine and Martin Brophy from Brophies The Caterers 

We're now on our journey to 40+ members and if you'd like to join us then you'd be welcome to come to our next meeting at the Roebuck Hotel, Ware and see just how we work. Give me a call on 07940 846 413.

To your success