Thursday, 9 August 2012

Growing our group, Growing business

We had a great meeting this morning, we spent the morning preparing for our launch next week, Last week we all sent out 40 letters, so over 800 in total. We counted up the yeses from the follow up calls we made for all the people who have said they will be coming to the meeting and it was a huge 42. 

We also have 42 people who have said they may come, so we'll be calling them next week to see if they will. On top of any other invite that will be made, I'd say we'll have well over 60 local Hertford and Ware business owners at the meeting on the 16th.

I expect after next weeks meeting we'll be up to 30 members, which will be great, it'll mean more people in the room which means more referrals being passed within the group, meaning we'll all be making more money and growing our businesses.

It's then just a short step to 35 and then 40 members, which we'll make by Christmas...

If you are a serious business owner in Hertford and Ware, why not come and meet us and see how we can work together, after all it's only going to cost you a couple hours one morning and £10 for the meeting and you'll get breakfast included and as much tea or coffee as you can drink...

See you soon,

PS. If you're just looking for a great local business like a plumber to an estate agent, electrician to a bookkeeper in Hertford or Ware check out the the members list on the right and give the member a call.